Oprah Uses iPad To Plug Microsoft Surface

Funny post up at TNW showing Oprah plugging the Microsoft Surface with a Tweet sent from an iPad.

Last month I wrote about how all the cool actors and actresses in those Surface commercials probably wouldn’t be caught dead in real life with anything but an Apple device.

The iPad has some real competition now. But it ain’t this thing.

It’s not just that Microsoft’s money isn’t green enough to get Oprah to give up her iPad. MG gave the device a thorough review (before throwing it in his trash can). The Surface, at least for now, is a dud.

6 thoughts on “Oprah Uses iPad To Plug Microsoft Surface

  1. Ahmed Bakry says:

    I agree with you that the surface isn’t there yet, Microsoft needs to have some more innovation to hit the tablet market harder

  2. The tech press, being as it is, sees a chance to take a shot at Microsoft. Meanwhile, the rest of the world sees a famous iGadget users talking about her new Surface and the Surfaces she got for family members. What does it matter that she used her old tablet to tweet about it?

  3. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    Microsoft has a great potential when it comes to the tablet market and they will make sure that they’ll surpass Apple’s success.

  4. Mike, do you believe that Oprah was compensated for endorsing the Surface?

  5. Shireen Louw says:

    Spending too much on Marketing and not enough on the product again.

  6. Is that how ambitious Microsoft is, that it wants to surpass apple?
    I believe it has eyes on a lot of things

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