Meet Patrick Gallagher, Cofounder of CrunchFund

Patrick Gallagher, my partner at CrunchFund, sat down with the folks at Bloomberg today to talk about the fund. You can also watch it on YouTube.

37 thoughts on “Meet Patrick Gallagher, Cofounder of CrunchFund

  1. I believe wordpress automatically embeds videos but only if they are on youtube, or vimeo.

  2. I missed meeting him at Disrupt (saw him but he was always busy). Oh well next time.
    Looking forward to seeing you up here at UW this weekend Mike

  3. Max says:

    You can embed it. Right side of the video you have the embed code.

  4. > (As far as I can tell there’s no way to embed the video)

    Did you miss the big Embed button when you hover of the button to get the script?

  5. Chris says:

    WordPress dude? This might help?

  6. Maybe one day we will have the luxury of working with Crunchfund. Just getting out feet wet now 😀 Good stuff.

  7. noodlehaus says:

    Tiny bloopers like this (failing to embed a video) adds flavor to your new blog, Mike. Just shows that you really are on your own on this, doing everything yourself 🙂


  8. Keval Desai says:

    Pat was my first mentor & office mate in the vc world @ MSVP back in Summer of ’98! Mike & Pat – you guys make a great team, wish you all the best!

  9. Peter Mullen says:

    Was lucky enough to run into and meet Patrick at Disrupt. Best of luck to you guys! The world will be watching….

  10. just a thought: CrunchFund Incubator 🙂 Crunchinbator !

  11. Puja Abbassi says:

    For embeding in wordpress we use embedly (, it’s very easy to set up and works like a charm with almost any video service you through at it.

  12. skupinovitch says:

    Did he ever star in a porn movie?

  13. Lol.. guys pls spare Arrington & YouTube in WordPress video.
    I guess it works differently at TechCruch. Hehehe… #sinisterMe

  14. Joshua Bolin says:

    A strong point was made in the post video about companies launching in your living room. I have lived off of double cheese burgers for a while now while building our startup (pirate, maybe) and now with the product close to completion WSGR has taken us as clients w/equity but I am itching to pitch you for validation.

    If you can PM a time or a place or anything (are there any tall buildings in pacific nw for a elevator ride?)…. I have two companies that are pre-launch/unique but more than that I want to be able to pitch the entrepreneur and be validated by someone who has seen or heard of most of them.

  15. Hongbo Zhang says:

    Hope CrunchFund can grow its reputation up the level of YC within 3 years!

  16. Iˇll immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me recognize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  17. arrington, here’s my advice: SAVE YOUR MONEY. do not pump them down into shady investments, such as shaker, you can very easily end up with no money very very soon. literally, go out and buy an apartment complex or something

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