The Steve Jobs Foursquare Badge

…which you can only get if you have a blog and replace the header logo with the Apple logo 🙂 . Or you visit an Apple store three times. A nice surprise, I didn’t even know it existed (here’s more on it).

This was a real checkin, even though most of my Foursquare checkins are part of my fantasy life. Just bought a shiny new Macbook Air.

15 thoughts on “The Steve Jobs Foursquare Badge

  1. I’ll give you the limited edition Aaron Skwarcan badge if you buy and send me a shiny new MacBook Air.

  2. Mike Butcher says:

    Nice tribute to Steve. BTW, 11 inch or 13inch?

  3. Imran Jafri says:

    You perhaps have bought the best machine of the past one decade of course after the iPhone.

  4. Now you just need to get the 100 Unread Notifications Badge 🙂

  5. Joe Landor says:

    What plugin do you use for the social network sharing buttons?

  6. Joseph Sunga says:

    I had the same surprise when I checked in to the Apple Store (U-District / Seattle). Had to stop by and write on the wall before they re-opened the store. I didn’t know you had to check in 3 times — I thought it was just a tribute. Either way, that’s pretty sweet. 🙂

  7. Achshar says:

    i got it on my first checkin.. :O

  8. hi says:

    this badge has been around for 1.5 years.

  9. Sajib says:

    I didn’t quite get it. I have a blog and its header is replaced with an Apple logo the day Steve Jobs died. Now what?

  10. jwr says:

    How to do get this badge if you change your headers title with the apple logo? I don’t get it. I changed it and now what?

  11. Admin says:

    A fitting tribute to the man. I was actually just in an Apple Store (so that I could write a post-it note on the wall, no less) and forgot to check in. D’oh.

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