Hurricane Jova Merges With Lobby Conference Near Puerto Vallarta

My knowledge of hurricanes is limited, mostly, to watching Anderson Cooper on CNN standing in the wind and rain. It never seems all that bad.

But as I sit here at SFO waiting for my much delayed flight to The Lobby conference being held near Puerto Vallarta this week, I can’t help but notice that Hurrican Jova is expected to become a “Category 4 hurricane” (no idea what that means exactly), with winds reaching 131 mph. And it’s touching down at…Puerto Vallarta:

Hotel employees were taping up windows, cleaning out water channels to avoid flooding and were planning to pull in all beach furniture later today as Jova gets closer.

The hotel’s approximately 90 employees are planning to take shelter in an interior ballroom if things get ugly.

Organizer David Hornik says everything’s going to be fine. My former boss Heather Harde, who’s already there, says not to even think about getting on a flight: “definitely don’t fly…no rain or winds here yet, but the sky is completely overcast and rather ominous looking.”

Screw it. Let’s do this.

28 thoughts on “Hurricane Jova Merges With Lobby Conference Near Puerto Vallarta

  1. Can you stop by NY and pick me up on the way?

  2. It means don’t take a beachfront first floor room.

  3. You should come visit Mexico City! Since you are that close! Enjoy Puerto Vallarta!

  4. Not sure which is more appropriate: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” or “I’m too old for this s***” or “What’s the worst that could happen?”

  5. Raja Doddala says:

    That’s what I say Mike. I am going. Period. But I don’t fly out until Wed, so things might be a little better by then.

  6. Greg Barto says:

    According to the weather channel, if it’s 140 mph winds, holding your hand out the window of a 70mph car is roughly one quarter the power of the hurricane wind. So yeah, that’ll blow you over.

    Have a blast down there!

    • Have a blast down there!
      Yeap, “BLAST” is the right word… It will certainly be dangerous, however, nothing compares to an “after hurricane” party in Mexico!
      Be sure to hide away a couple of bottles of the best tequila!

  7. Peter Noris says:

    If you fly into PV you are stupid.

  8. Heather Harde says:

    “if you don’t feel comfortable, definitely don’t fly…”

  9. Raja Doddala says:

    Stupid is what a stupid does

  10. Robert Dewey says:

    I know a bit about meteorology. If the hurricane takes that projected course, you’ll probably be looking at something a little bit less than this in Puerto Vallarta:

    If it jogs north / south, it could be more / less intense respectively. I’m guessing if that were in the US, they would be evacuating certain areas. Not sure how their infrastructure is down there, but I’m guessing a hit would be pretty devastating… i.e. you could get stuck for quite awhile (several days to weeks).

    Best of luck.

  11. Valynor says:

    Cat4 means that it will royally screw you. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Sounds like David Hornik is trolling you with a hurricane.

  13. I’m with you M.A. If the planes are flying, I’m going. I think I, along with the pilots on Alaska Airlines, have mutually aligned interests on this one. If they aren’t afraid to go, I’m not afraid to go.

    • Michael Arrington says:

      yeah that’s pretty much what it came down to. The flight turned out to be totally fine. And the weather here is currently mild. Supposed to get a little crazy tomorrow though.

      • Be careful, they can be dangerous but the aftermath is often worse esp in a country with limited security. Also, if power gets knocked out remember water filtration will also get knocked out. Be safe.
        – Jason, a S. Florida native who has been through too many hurricanes

  14. I’m in… I’m always the optimist, I’m sure it’ll be fine, although I don’t fly till Wednesday which it’ll probably have past by then. If/when you get there today/tomorrow, let us know how it is. I hear it’s still HOT (95+). See you poolside

  15. What are you losing by staying? vs. What are you gaining by going?
    And what are the real risks?

  16. Category 4 isn’t that bad, since it is out of 100. they are probably just boarding the hotel up in preparation for all the VCs who are about to arrive for a weekend off.

    • Nicole says:

      Um, it’s not out of 100… it’s 1-5 based on wind speed. Cat 4 is the second worst it can be, with winds between 131-155mph.

  17. Craig Syverson says:

    Mike forgets to mention that the huddling hotel employees referred to above are doing so in ballrooms many leagues away from the actual conference. But, caveat emptor if one goes here for weather reporting anyway…

  18. Arsenal says:

    I wouldnt want to Fly in one. When I was at a Google Africa conference I experienced much the same thing

  19. Ginger says:

    Category 4 is very bad. We had a category 2 here on the east coast a few weeks ago and I’m sure you saw the problems it caused. Be safe.

  20. Guest says:

    Hurricane Season runs 6/1 to 11/15 so it’s not very surprising that there is a hurricane. This is a detail the conference organizer should have taken into consideration when planning the location. I hope everyone stays safe!

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