The Strike Is Over: SecondMarket Completes A Facebook Auction

After 42 successful weekly auctions of shares of Facebook stock, SecondMarket hit a snag – they weren’t able to make a market between buyers and sellers in the 43rd, and no sales were closed. The same thing happened in the 44th auction, no sales.

Things have changed this week, though. And it was the sellers who folded, not the buyers.

The weighted average offer (sell) price in today’s auction was $32.37 (down from $32.42 last week). The weighted average bid (buy) price was $28.47, unchanged from last week. The clear price was an even $30 per share.

And just 14,000 shares closed ($420,000 in aggregate). About 130,000 shares, nearly 10x the volume, were purchased in Auction 42 three weeks ago.


10 thoughts on “The Strike Is Over: SecondMarket Completes A Facebook Auction

  1. Sarah says:

    I’d like to buy some FB stock!

  2. Ravi Sheth says:

    Do you own any shares?

  3. Nick Kampe says:

    Mike, how can I contact you? Is your TC emails till valid?

  4. FB needs to increase its users and add new services (mainly an SE, see the link below) to boost its value, over today’s $70 Bn

  5. David says:

    It’s a bit hard to become an investor at SecondMarket and all who wanted have already bought the stock and right now the price is sky high and not so many investors eager to buy are joining SecondMarket.
    The one more thing is positive news from Google+ that they are fastest growing social network along with some great upgrades makes investors a bit worried. Of course they are far from making real danger to Facebook but please remember how much money does Google have, have much unique visitors does Google has and how many uses GMail as their mail client.

    • GFlop+ doesn’t seem me a “fastest growing social network” …

      it may reach 100,000,000 users next spring when FB will be over 1,000,000,000 users

      • Mike says:

        But how many of those 500 million accounts (or whatever the purported number is) are actual users? I’m guessing spam and fake accounts aren’t as big a problem as it was/is for skype, but I doubt the number of active users is anywhere near the reported number of users.

        One good thing about facebook is the lack of spam, but they are counteracting this by invading your privacy.

  6. The John says:

    Why not mention FB’s new total “valuation” based on the secondmarket price? It’s almost always mentioned in these secondmarket posts, especially when the price changes.

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