Make Your Art With Mixel On The iPad

All of us have made a collage at some point in our lives – probably at school, where we patiently cut out cool pictures from a magazine, applied elmer’s white glue or rubber cement, and then took it home to mom and dad to put up on the refrigerator.

Just think how much fun it would have been to pinch or expand those images, copy parts of collages from friends, and skip the paper cuts. And do it all on an iPad.

That’s Mixel, a new startup that is launching now. They’re also announcing a $600,000 first funding round that CrunchFund is participating in along with Polaris Venture Partners, Betaworks and Allen & Company. The company also took $100,000 from a TechFellow Award in 2010.

See TechCrunch for more details, and check out the overview video on the Mixel home page.

Grab images from a search, or from Mixels created by others, or your gallery, crop them (with your finger), rearrange and resize it, and then add more images on top of or below it (or anywhere). Then publish and share.

It’s a ton of fun.

The company behind Mixel, Lascaux Co, was founded by Khoi Vinh (former Design Director for The New York Times) and Scott Ostler (

Update: See more stories about Mixel on GigaOm and NYTimes.

23 thoughts on “Make Your Art With Mixel On The iPad

  1. Digital scrapbooking, the wonders of advanced technologies. 🙂

  2. I like very much all graphics programs and I hope that they’ll release also a Windows version

  3. Don White says:

    “Just think how much fun it would have been to pinch or expand those images, copy parts of collages from friends, and skip the paper cuts”

    This is almost as bad as the 50 y/o Fred Wilson talking about how he loves checking in using foursquare (which of course is a portfolio company). 🙂

    • Don – I was checking in and loving it before we invested. In fact that was one of the main reasons we invested. Age has nothing to do with being social and enjoying technology

      • Don White says:

        Seems weird but, ok. Always best to preface a blog, like Mike has in this one, by stating that you have a vested interest in it. This is especially true when you are pushing something seemingly out of your interest. For instance if I were to say how I loved a pre-teen social networking site – either I had a vested interest or was a pedo (either way not good). 🙂

  4. Great activity for unemployed bloggers and senior citizens.

  5. chris says:

    Apps that require a Facebook login freak me out.

  6. art says:

    It will be great to hear how you came to the decision to invest in some of your investments. (did you know the team, or the way you evaluated the market opportunity, etc).

  7. I recently built something similar for the iPhone called FingerCollage–like finger painting with the camera feed, but considerably less badass. I hope we se a lot more apps like this–spontaneous, creative play instead of just content consumption. How are they planning on making money?

  8. Jorge Tiger Biter says:

    Have to say wonderful product, must find time to have a go. Cheerios old chap. Toodle ooo!?

  9. Jorge Tiger Biter says:

    11 11 11!

  10. Jess Kimball says:

    Oh wow, it’s Keynote, only with 1000% less features. Someone call the tech bubble police!

  11. I don’t mind you hawking member companies. But, I think you missed a real opportunity here. I think this app looks like crap, but what’s interesting to me, is that you invested.

    So, tells us WHY you invested. This blog can either try to be tech crunch about companies you’ve invested in… or it can be something more worthwhile.

    I stopped reading tech crunch because it was like the gawker.

    I’m interested in uncrunched if it goes into some explanation of why you invested.

    not a hater, actually quite a fan, and glad to see Mike stand up to the politically correct idiots out there… just think you’re missing an opportunity here.

  12. FileSonic says:

    Why you say “you are an unpaid blogger” far more your very talented. your every post is a proof of your talent

  13. Skål, er innlegget ditt veldig bra, vil jeg gjerne dele den med mine venner på twitter,vil jeg være oppmerksom på post igjen.

  14. Get clothes,Phones,Underwear,Bloze,Bikini,Girls Underware and much more……

  15. EZ Eagle53 says:

    Mike! I really hope you write something about the Undrip video that was made personally for you and crunchfund! I have just been introduced to Mick Hagen as I have never heard of him before but the guy seems like beast! Haha thanks for continuing to write Mike.

  16. Mickael dropsy says:

    pretty cool. Looks very well designed as well.
    Don’t really know if it has a long term value thought.
    I’d prefer something like psykopaint as a brainless creative tool when it’s out on ipad

  17. The Hook says:

    My daughter thanks you for this cool share!

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