Hate Your Jawbone Up? Trade It In For A Free Lark Vibrating Alarm

A lot of Jawbone Up users aren’t happy with their devices. There are so many issues, in fact, that the company is giving people a full refund for the device, no questions asked, and they can even keep the Up. The device is no longer for sale, but we can expect it back soon (I, for one, continue to use mine daily).

Lark, a competitor of the Up, is taking this opportunity to introduce Up users to their device, for free. Like the Up, Lark wakes you up with a silent vibrating wristband (it works, really well). Unlike the Up, Lark is completely focused on sleep health. Their app tells you how well you slept each night and gives helpful hints about improving your sleep. There’s a good review of the device here, and reviews on Apple are strong.

The Up also has an excellent pedometer and a way to track calories, so the two devices don’t overlap completely. But for people who are sick of their Up, they can now trade it in for a free Lark device, shipping included. Not bad for a device that sells at Apple stores for $100.

Details are here. All you have to do is ship your Up device to Lark and they’ll then send you a Lark device. There’s no limit to the number of devices Lark will send out, but if they’re overwhelmed they may eventually shut down the offer. So if you want to do this, do it fast.

As far as I can tell, the Up guarantee doesn’t preclude sending your device in to Lark even if you take the full refund. So you can get your money back from Jawbone and still get the Lark for free. Not a bad deal at all. And, yes, Lark says they’ll deliver the devices by Christmas if you trade in soon.

Full disclosure – Lark launched at a TechCrunch Disrupt event and is a portfolio company of CrunchFund. I continue to use, and love, both the Lark and the Up.

15 thoughts on “Hate Your Jawbone Up? Trade It In For A Free Lark Vibrating Alarm

  1. Andrew says:

    Why not just get a FitBit?

    • agreed… Fitbit never had all the problems of Up. Is not bulky like Lark. Just doesn’t have a silent alarm. The team is on top of everything.

      The only advantage of up that I even see is the fact that it fits around your wrist.

  2. Rob Saurini says:

    I think I’ll wait until someone invents a vibrating straight jacket to sleep in.

  3. Why do they limit their customers to iPhone users only? Do they expect me to switch to iPhone just to use their device?

  4. I use Lark almost every night and love it. I work on startup schedules, so seeing how well I sleep and how much is really important (even if that sleep is on a couch in the office 😛 )

    (Disclosure: Lark was in StartX, the stanford startup accelerator, which I manage)

  5. Danny says:

    Mike, I know how much you love my comments. I have just done a new post on startup blog on what it means to be a “Persistent Bastard”: http://legendarymoves.com/?p=130

  6. Mr D Cag says:

    Hi Admin, it’s urgent. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can.

  7. David Nguyen says:

    No thanks. I bought one months ago and returned it a week later. Not only do you have to leave your iPhone on all the time overnight it also didn’t really do anything for me. Now the vibration to wake feature is very, very cool but that was pretty much it. I realized that I could just set my my iPhone alarm to bell tower so I couldn’t be grouchy and getting better sleep habits would deliver great results.

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