The Most Unintentionally Ironic Tweet Of The Year

How much is the loss of key female talent costing your organization, Arianna? This much.

36 thoughts on “The Most Unintentionally Ironic Tweet Of The Year

  1. @elamadej says:

    You nailed it

  2. @Ed says:

    to simplify this for readers [who have varying degrees of awareness],
    perhaps you could update this post with a list of all the talent that left TC
    since she Huffed and Puffed and Fluffed and blew your house down.

  3. THANK YOU. Absolutely absurd and beyond ridiculous.

  4. BAZINGA! Ouch. Any good recent profiles on Huffington out there? Her image seems to be sinking like a ship.

    • @Ed says:

      Why bother reading and commenting if it’s irrelevant to you?
      For a back link to a cheesy FB page? Again?

      Others care about the demise of one of the best-ever tech blogs,
      and on highlighting personality issues that poison a good resource.
      Identifying causation illuminates what went wrong/what to beware of.

  5. Semil Shah says:

    Tone deaf. A shame, really.

  6. Waqas Ali says:

    Mike, congrats on taking the courage to tell the truth. It is sad to see Arianna so contented over the loss she has made to TC community.

    We miss you guys, please stay stand. We believe in you. ♥

    PS. Even if this doesn’t make any difference to her, it makes to us.

  7. Philip says:

    Opinion-seeking-hypocrite-bitch. This actually gives me that feeling in my upper chest… What’s it called… Hmm……….. Oh yeah, nausea.

  8. Nitzan Kukin says:

    Michael happy new year you are welcome write some quote on and be “today’s best” thanks for your time.

    All The Best


  9. djmatus23 says:

    Translation: Please don’t sack me, two wrongs doesn’t make a right! 🙂

  10. I dunno. I think it has a hard time competing with that gem @whitehouse posted recently.!/whitehouse/statuses/147396050519457792

  11. Touché! Well played, sir.

  12. Stan B says:

    I feel like puking each time she opens her mouth and speaks English!

    • @Stan B
      … ditto. However it goes well beyond inadequate/broken English –It is the way she thinks, or believes she does.
      I had the misfortune of meeting her in Washington DC — she is kind of a celebrity in liberal circles here and, yes, does not hesitate to offer her opinions on American politics and, of course, the IT field… [yes, puke!]

  13. Hogan says:

    Meh. I feel no sympathy for Arrington. He sold his company and then cried because the new regime did things differently. Welcome to corporate America.

    The tragedy here is the amount of power that desperate startup founders have put in Arrington’s hands. He is the Anna Wintour of Silicon Valley; if he covers your product, you’ll make it. If not, it’ll be a tough road ahead. That is not a merit-based system that he so often talks about.

    • … wow!
      This means that Mike wouldn’t comment on your pitiful start-up…

      • Hogan says:

        What does that even mean? I don’t have a startup?

        Listen, Arrington doesn’t need you guys to white-knight him at every turn. I’m sure he can defend himself.

        You act as if any critique of Arrington or any opinion contrary to him is blasphemous. Nothing but sheep you people are.

        • @Hogan
          … not sheep, just admirers… Mike is certainly not a perfect human being — he is only a great entrepreneur who had the nuts to start his own company, go through all the difficulties of growing it, putting together an admirable group of excellent [some not so much] IT professionals who offered up-to-the-minute important and vital information on the field. After a few years of struggling and growth, AOL came along and bought TC. Now, Mike is an IT millionaire, getting much deserved R&R – Kudos!
          I am sure that he will do it again…
          And you “Hogan” what the f*** have you done? What gives you the right to openly judge people who do valuable work?
          You certainly write like a 12 year old using hisr mom’s computer in the basement!
          Shut up and get a life, you fool!

    • robert says:

      i agree but if i were in arrington’s shoes i probably would have sold it too.
      blogs are hard and mike said he was exhausted running TC

  14. Rob Colbert says:

    I just noticed that she has her own URL shortening service running on her own domain unfortunately named, which closely resembles what one must do to be able to care about what she’s saying. Huff some glue, then it all makes sense.

    So, keep some glue handy. When you see a link, you know what to do:

    1. Sniff
    2. Click
    3. Giggle. Do not confuse with Google. Never Google.

    Good. Now, you’re huffin’ your way around the Internet.

    Those who worry about the potential side effects of huffing their way around the Internet are encouraged to seek help in ending their bad habit. It’s hard to do it alone, and western medicine hasn’t yet invented a pill to help. You are on your own.

    Use with caution and other standard disclaimers.

    Cheers. Sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffff.

    (dramatic pause)…


    • “… Western medicine hasn’t yet invented a pill to help …” YES, it has!
      The treatment is to switch to…

      • Hogan says:

        “You certainly write like a 12 year old using hisr mom’s computer in the basement!
        Shut up and get a life, you fool!”

        I’ll reply here since I can’t reply on the previous comment thread.

        Nothing defeats your argument like childish name calling. Especially when you can’t even get your facts straight. If you want to white-knight for Arrington, that’s cool. He’s your hero, and hero worship is what you excel at.. At least be man enough to admit it.

        “And you “Hogan” what the f*** have you done? What gives you the right to openly judge people who do valuable work?”

        The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution allows me to. If you don’t like it, skip over my comments and reply to ones that fawn over your object of affection, Michael Arrington.

        You know who you remind me of? Those pre-teen girls who scream and pound their fists when anyone criticizes Justin Bieber. In this case, your Beiber is Arrington.

        Thank you and good day. I’m sure you’ll reply as I seemingly have this ability to make you comment on demand.

  15. Jeremy Harris says:


  16. Eddie Gear says:

    I hate the fact that people ruin such great companies like TechCrunch. I’ve been reading of so many organizations being acquired and later on the founders sacked or laid off. its sad that you have to let of of something that you created with so much passion. The only way for your company to survive the and be as a family is to not let anyone acquire your business.

  17. Rump says:

    She really pwned you didn’t she? Is it worse that you got your ass handed to you by a woman?

    LOL, get over it Mikey. Move on.

  18. Danny says:

    Take a look at my top 7 list for how to kill it in 2012:

  19. The Big K says:


    Everyone who matters has left AOL. Why not re-start doing what you love to do?

  20. What a Shame to see but hey I had a chuckle

  21. There are two things in this world that most people do not aware of

    1. Everybody sees and knows , you do not know
    2. Every body do not sees or knows , you knows but you do not know people do not know

    I guess ariana falls into those 2 , she does not know she screwed up and she does not
    see that everybody sees how screw up she is

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