VEVO Execs Must Face Criminal Charges For Copyright Infringement

VEVO, a music label joint venture, got caught with its pants down by TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid – They illegally streamed a NFL game at a party they hosted at the Sundance festival. Yes, this is just too deliciously, hypocritically juicy.

In other circumstances whoever was responsible would face severe criminal and civil penalties for copyright infringement.

Unless, and I’m quite serious about this, the copyright laws apply to everyone, then they shouldn’t apply to anyone. The only way for the legislators and copyright holders who are fighting for tougher copyright laws to maintain any credibility whatsoever is for them to pursue any and all violators, even their own, as aggressively as they pursue everyone else.

Frankly, the VEVO execs should turn themselves in, not fight this in the least, and serve their jail time. I believe they’d serve five years.

See TechDirt for more.

29 thoughts on “VEVO Execs Must Face Criminal Charges For Copyright Infringement

  1. foobie says:

    Fred Wilson keeps bragging about “pirate hockey broadcasts.”

  2. Isn’t this an ad hominem argument against their stance? Pointing out their hypocrisy does not invalidate their argument.

    • steve says:

      Ad hominem is irrelevant here. Here’s the point of the article.

      Big Media demands excessive punishments for copyright violators, but they themselves violate copyright. If we apply their own excessive punishments to them, they’ll back down and people like us will be safer.

      The point is not to prove that their arguments are wrong. We all already know they’re wrong.

      Punishments are supposed to fit crimes in this country. It’s ludicrous for Kim Dotcom to serve many more years than he would have for murder, even if he isn’t a typical copyright violator.

      It’s sad and terrifying that a more innocent person could be imprisoned for copyright violations.

  3. testing2 says:

    Just as you are not criminally prosecuted for all the watching of pirated TV shows you do, VEVO won’t be prosecuted here. Megaupload was a gigantic pirating network, paying people to post illegal content and refusing orders to take it down. It makes more sense to target the big guys.

  4. I totally agree. They can’t expect to get away with “Do as I say and not Do as I Do”

  5. Scott says:

    “They illegally streamed a NFL game at a party they hosted at the Sundance festival.”

    Don’t bars and restaurants play sports on TVs all the time?

    You’d have a hard time suing any one particular person or company in a situation like this, even if somehow the event only allowed to be viewed by the person paying for it.

    I don’t like copyright hungry music labels/movie companies either, but c’mon – this isn’t a big deal.

    • VEVOsaywhat says:

      VEVO used an illegal streaming site as their source, it was just like a bar putting on NBC and playing the game. VEVO literally used one of the type of sites that ICE/DoJ has been seizing and arresting people for. Read the damn article.

    • foobie says:

      Technically a bar cannot, in fact, play broadcast TV in order to secure patronage or increase profits without paying a license fee.

    • Peter Austin says:

      (1) Bars and restaurants pay license fees for sports channels; Vivo didn’t.
      (2) It wasn’t even a legal channel
      (3) Given their owners and target market, Vivo must know *exactly* what was required in a case like this.

    • Whatever would be done to bars which stream sports games without a license should be done to VEVO organizers here. Period.

  6. Nilay Patel says:

    It was only a few years ago that the NFL went after churches for broadcasting the Super Bowl:

  7. Vevo watching a pirated football game does not make them pirates. Just as you buying a counterfeit DVD doesn’t make you a counterfeiter

  8. Just wondering, although VEVO hired out the venue, wouldn’t the people who own the venue be responsible for what takes place their whether it’s their fault or not?

    Also, if the venue probably had a cable subscription and yet went for the pirated live stream anyway would legal action really be taken against them? If I owned a certain DVD at home but was on a holiday somewhere and decided to download the DVD which I already have viewing rights to, how much trouble would I get into?

  9. Amen, Mike. I was sued for downloading music in ’06. I feel like they spit in my face.

  10. Simon Hibbs says:

    I’m with Cory Doctorow on this. If they want 3-strikes laws then fine, but they should apply to corporations as well as private individuals. Any company found pirating three times or more has their entire corporate access to the internet cut off. At the present rate of infringements such as this one, it would only be a few years before one of the major labels or studios went down hard.

    As steve says above (post 3 as I count it) that would be absurd. But that’s also the point, 3-strikes laws and other draconian penalties against private individuals are also absurd for the same reasons.

  11. V says:

    let the dudes of the hook, really, if these guys are convicted, crackdowns would be harder. But if for these guys go free, hollywood will owe us one.

  12. Lets blame others for what we know is wrong when the consequences out way the risk of being caught. In other words. Everybody else is doing it so it must be ok to do it as long as I can deny it or sound off in the Hypocritical mode!

  13. Gema Jastia says:

    Recently on Youtube, a commercial by Vevo has been running promoting the live stream of Arcade Fire’s concert. And again, it’s just my luck that I happen to like the song playing in the background. I’ve searched everywhere for the title of the elusive song and I was wondering if anyone happened to know the name? It would be great if someone could help =D Thanks!

  14. Gema Megan says:

    The song that is played in his commercial on vevo certified ad, is a song that i really like. But I don’t know the name of it. Help?

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