“Apologies,” Hypocrisy And “Process” “Journalism”

The only comment I really have on this story by Dan Lyons about Robert Scoble supposedly creating a new venture fund is this – If he got it wrong and has already publicly apologized on Google+, why in the heck hasn’t he at least added an update to the original article?

Because to do so would be to admit that process journalism actually exists. Real Journalists never get things wrong because they’re “real journalists.” So the apology, if it must happen, never gets anywhere near the original article.

I also find it fairly awesome that this entire cycle of stories was originally spawned by Dan Lyons defending Nick Bilton’s article that, well, apologies just aren’t good enough when you’ve done something wrong.

As an aside, this article by Dan Primack is one of the best things I’ve read about the true conflicts of interest faced by tech writers.

10 thoughts on ““Apologies,” Hypocrisy And “Process” “Journalism”

  1. Max Woolf says:

    Ah yes, “Journalism.” A practice of investigation and reporting of events, issues and trends supposedly to a broad audience in a timely fashion.

    We have dismissed that claim.

  2. Brigitte says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you Arrington… retractions for some journalists seem to be a huge issue.. they’re like little children who can’t admit their wrong. Dan Lyons is nothing but sour grapes and feels left out from the real tech journalists who are doing big things like you and Scoble…. you and Scoble are two of the good guys… envy is an ugly thing… and unfortunately a wannabe voice of tech, like Dan Lyons, only option, since he can’t pull real readers in based upon his talent and brand, is to attack other people. To avoid fact checking is what gives journalists and the media a BAD name and moving forward Dan Lyons has absolutely NO CREDIBILITY … who in their right mind would want to talk or be interviewed by him about anything? It’s a joke.. and he seems a bit wacko to think link baiting to you and Scoble would give him more followers, a bigger edge and frankly job security…. this also is a major hit on the editors/stakeholders in the Daily Beast… it’s obviously a poorly run ship if they let stuff like this fly…. even the gossip column PAGE SIX in the NY Post does fact checking… it’s apparent their ethical operating standards are that of bottom feeders… not that I read The Daily Beast before… but I’ll make sure not to ever be drawn into their web of deceit…

    Frankly, poor Dan Lyons couldn’t take advantage of his first invite to Davos this year because Newsweek wouldn’t pay for his trip… I feel sorry for him actually… he’s like the kid on the playground nobody wants on their dodgeball team….. but these tactics are going to get him kicked out of school all together because it’s just plain sleazy.

    Cheers to you and Scoble for being the real deal and the good guys.

    Carpe Diem boys. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Jay Zalowitz says:

    Having solicited Robert for advice, ideas, connections, and other things, I would not only take money from him as an entrepreneur when given a choice, I would give him money (For a fund) if I could…

    That being said, this entire article is based on the premise that tech journalism isn’t biased, which it definitely is on a lot of the better known blogs lately.

  4. Not that you need me to give you the go ahead, but Mike keep doing what you’re doing.

    Your writing on Techcrunch got me interested in Tech and Business in general and now i have founded 4 companies and am working every day to make it big. The world needs people like you to pave the way and inspire the next generation of people who want to change the world ever so slightly for the better.

    You’ve been around long enough to make a fair few enemies but you knew that would happen by the way you write. Honest, no holes barred with a big slice of Arrington swagger. The reader loves it, the subject not so much.

    I read ‘proper’ journalism for the news and sport news, for business and tech, I read blogs because that’s where i actually respect the opinion of the writer rather than the company that pays their wages.

  5. David Callahan says:

    “… the story by Dan Lyons about Robert Scoble supposedly creating a new venture fund …”
    “… why in the heck hasn’t he at least added an update to the original article? …”
    Simple answer: because he is now practicing “hit and run reporting” — that is false reporting, which is ubiquitous now, and spreading rapidly due to the non-existent ethical principles [what the heck is that??] of the profession. This character probably figured that there was really no harm done… so, who really cares? He should. But, if you already know that you don’t have a “reputation” to be concerned about… you could always write crap for the National Enquirer or another rag — or, who knows, become a paparazzi…

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Why hasn’t the Daily Beast put up some type of correction yet? Seems like very sloppy “journalism.” This “Daily Beast” site supposedly has something to do with Newsweek? What a poor reflection on Newsweek this is.

  7. Michael don’t lie, you know perfectly that Robert is really launching a new Fund … you’re listed as a Partner in it. Here’s the evidence:



  8. Medbob says:

    Anything that comes from the New York Slimes is highly suspect. It doesn’t matter what you say, they will write the story to fit their own narrative, and even use your own words if it helps them to achieve their goal.
    That’s the problem. They start with a goal rather than having a goal of good journalism.
    That is precisely why I rely on blogs for my news. There will be bias there as anywhere, but there’s a better chance of finding someone attempting to tell the truth, as opposed to these ivory towers devoted to defending a specific view of the world.

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