The Perfect Photo

Someday I’ll use this photo for a post about TechCrunch, probably after they’ve had a very tough day and with the suggestion that Eric Eldon is somehow that dog. Alexia will probably be the guy. Until now, it’s just awesome. From the New Jersey SPCA Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Photo

  1. Yeah I agree. Photo of the year (so far) imo. Just sums up perfectly how awesome I think dogs are.

  2. Aaron Abram says:

    Great Photo.

    Michael, I wasn’t able to make your talk at Nazar’s conference with you but, I did hear that you mentioned that it would be great for someone to help cofounders meet each other in LA. As it happens I have a group that does exactly that here in LA. We’ve had a few meeting with your next one 3/14/2012.

    That is not the reason I’m emailing you. The reason is in regards to a 1day/300 person conference my partner and I are hosting at the JW Marriott LA Live (downtown) called, “The Content Conference” & our interest in having you participate in that event as a speaker.

    The CONTENT Conference is a fast paced business conference that centers on the merging of Technology between TV/Film, Music & Publishing to create premium digital content that can be distributed and monetized to a global audience online.

    What are your thoughts about participating in this event?


    Aaron Abram

  3. The BigK says:

    What ‘Brand’ is that dog? I’d like to hire him some day.

  4. Is that a real dog? It doesn’t look real somehow…

  5. Heddi Cundle says:

    Absolutely adoring this photo. If it didn’t sound so strange, i’d use it as my FB profile pic 🙂

  6. Marcel says:

    Michael, while it would be easy enough to side on the majority, leaving a comment agreeing with your distaste about what is happening with your baby (now “grown up”) TechCrunch, I’ll be critical. I honestly have not been following everything going on, which may make this argument unfounded, but here it goes anyway. Why are you so childish? You invest in technology companies and people question your loyalty to true journalism. Is that surprising? I think that you can either be a true journalist or an investor. Not both. With the internet being flooded with information it is hard to get down to the truth as it is, without having to know if someone has a financial tie to what is being discussed. Take responsibility for what happened to what you created. Just my two cents. By the way I generally enjoy your writing.

  7. Peter Urban says:

    Thankfully not everything is about TC. Sometimes it’s just about an oversized puppy clinging to it’s owner while fearing the vet. Great scoop.

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