Twitter’s New PR Chief Never Used Twitter

We used to see this a lot with MySpace hires, where new execs would come on board having never used the product.

I think Twitter’s new PR Chief Gabriel Stricker is a great PR exec from my past interactions with him. But the man went through the entire interview process without ever actually having sent a tweet (here’s his account)?

From Reuters: “Former Google spokesman Gabriel Stricker is moving to Twitter to lead its communications team, he announced Wednesday via his first-ever tweet on @gabrielstricker.”

Huh. That would have been a nonstarter for me.

Update: Someone sent me a message saying Gabriel used to have a private Twitter account, so the Reuters story isn’t accurate.

18 thoughts on “Twitter’s New PR Chief Never Used Twitter

  1. Sajib says:

    Interesting. How come he is chosen for PR job at Twitter? There are thousands of die-hard twitter fans out there who could be a better candidate (I think).

  2. Seb says:

    So what are your thoughts? Should you hire someone who’s never used your product or even your competitors? Feels like twitter sees PR as something useful for their company and not their product?

  3. I think having someone with “fresh eyes” can help them better communicate their value proposition to new and non-users. It’s always good to have another perspective, especially from someone as experienced as Gabriel.

  4. Jeff Clavier says:

    He can claim he comes to the job with a fresh perspective ;).

  5. m says:

    Stirring the pot. I use Twitter every day for most of my news and links but never tweet. Not a big deal. Gabriel rocks.

  6. Is it possible that that’s his first ever tweet on that account, and not first ever? Maybe he’s been running Twitter accounts for past companies without his name attached. Twitter isn’t letting me see profile pages right now, so I can’t go and check.

  7. Maybe Google does not like people (except high profile folks like Matt Cutts/Marissa Meyer) tweeting. Maybe he is an active G+ user 🙂

  8. Rob Saurini says:

    Confession time. I never read TechCrunch before I interviewed. I was more of an Engadget/Wired/Reddit guy. I had no idea what I was missing.

  9. disillusioned says:

    This isn’t the first time Twitter has done something like that with an important position.

  10. There’s a world of difference between a private account and a public account. As a passionate user of Twitter I really had hoped they would hire someone who gets them. But that said, it’s not at all unusual that a good marketer or PR person takes a role at a company whose technology is new to them. I’m just jealous. 😀

  11. Would you hire a wine taster whom had had only drank beers their entire life…? I wonder.

  12. I would say that seems kinda weird that Twitter would even hire this guy…I mean its like hiring Roger Goodell to run the NFL and he told the owners hes never watched or been involved in a football game ever!!!

  13. It’s really not that hard to learn, even for PR people.

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