Satellites And Beer: The Churchkey Can Co.

Swarms of micro-satellites are cool and all, but sometimes you just want to crack open a cold one. They say to only invest in what you know – and we know beer. I practically majored in beer in college.

Enter Churchkey Can Co., a new startup cofounded by Adrian Grenier (Entourage). They’ve paired a heck of a pilsner with a steel can that you open with an actual church key, that pointy thing you already have in your kitchen that you never quite knew what it was for.

The beer is amazing (they’re already selling it here in the Pacific Northwest and can’t keep it on the shelves), and the packaging is genius, combining a steel can (steel is recycled more often than aluminum) and the nostalgic feeling of old style packaging.

Watch the fun promotional video here.

More about this on TechCrunch. Look for it soon at bars and stores near you (a church key is included with every six pack).

For those wondering, the picture above is my partner MG Siegler lovingly cradling a can of Churchkey at a recent party in Seattle.

4 thoughts on “Satellites And Beer: The Churchkey Can Co.

  1. Robin McFee says:

    Waiting on a good PNW IPA in a Churchkey can.

  2. coryobrien says:

    I wrote about Churchkey beer about a month ago ( and really think they’re on to something. It taps into the retro trend that is so prevalent right now, and has the right mix of celebrity backing and novelty required to get some buzz going. It will definitely be interesting to see how the brand does in the next few months.

  3. as a beer enjoying(occasionally brewing) PNW resident, i’m excited to try this.

  4. jkljsd says:

    The CEO has a MBA from the University of Phoenix. Impressive!

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