Employee Of The Month Grabs $25k In Costco Shopping Spree

This is fun. Angela Wong won employee of the month at WhaleShark Media (crunchbase), and with that came a three minute grab everything you can at Costco shopping spree.

Wong did a practice run the day before, which paid off. She managed to grab $25,000 in stuff in the three minutes, including three big screen TVs, 10 Nikon cameras, three Dyson vacuums, two Roomba vacuums, two HP computers and a case of Dom Pérignon champagne.

And the best part – “The company allowed some extra time on the clock so that Wong could pick up 10 cases of beer for the entire staff.”

Personally, I would have hit the jewelry counter and filled out a form for one of these, then spent the rest of my time checking out the new DVDs or buying towels or something. But grabbing ten identical cameras works, too.

Video is here.

And if you’re looking for a hot deal on a camera, vaccum, computer or tv, I suggest you bookmark Wong’s ebay page. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Employee Of The Month Grabs $25k In Costco Shopping Spree

  1. the ring is as ugly as it gets, but i guess it’d do the trick.

    all you can grab… must be one of those feelings..

  2. H Mikki says:

    🙂 The rules say that each item had to be less than $2000 AND jewelry was not allowed…so no diamond ring!

  3. you mean she didn’t stop for the free vitamix made smoothie samples? true willpower.

  4. anonymous says:

    Or if you really want a hot deal on a camera, vaccum, computer or tv, I guess you could check out the coupon generating website that Wong works for… http://www.retailmenot.com

  5. If she could have gotten jewelry, I suppose she could have kept the ring for herself. Sadly, they have relatively poor resale value so I think she did pretty good!


  6. i’d hit the pharmacy

  7. Should have grabbed camera lenses rather than cameras, laptops or TVs imo. Lenses usually retain their value better over time than anything else she might have picked. Well, next time 😀

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