Paid Networkers

Don’t be the guy who pays this guy $5,000 a month for his networking skills.

15 thoughts on “Paid Networkers

  1. adamrsweet says:

    I know a lot of musicians, composers, producers. Do you think people will pay me a lot of money for an introduction?

  2. adamrsweet says:

    I know a lot of musicians, music producers, composers. I should start charging people for introductions…not

  3. Nathan Robertson says:

    That’s what recruiting is. Paid networking.

  4. Tell him, for $10,000 a month, you may know someone. 🙂

  5. Networking is a part of doing any kind of business. Even people who flip burgers at McDonalds network. Is specializing in it a viable business on its own?

    • David Callahan says:

      … ditto.
      Actually, I know a few “net-workers” who make a more than a decent living in the field, particularly in the Washington DC area, where who you know could be very, very important… and lucrative. Sometimes, they are known as “lobbyists.” Case in point: those Capitol Hill politicians that go to work for the private sector [large law firms] for millions and millions of dollars… precisely because who they know…

  6. Ryan says:

    Wait, wait… his most bad ass client is a Giga Pet? : P

  7. Those who can’t do, network people together who can do. lol 🙂

  8. At least you replied back to his message. He deserves $5k 😉

  9. Abiel Abuy says:

    Talking Tom? My little boys so love that cat!!! hehehe

  10. I get the point of the original post but truth is, especially in large cities, there are plenty of people who make a living being “brokers.” That can mean many things but often it is the business of hook-ups. The guy in Forbes is guilty of bad promotion – which would scare me off.

  11. Jon says:

    Who brought this guy in? CEO = “Career Extremely Over”

  12. Jebb Dykstra says:

    Is your problem with him that he’s obnoxious and clueless in his pitch or with bus dev guys or sales guys in general? I am curious how far you are cutting this thread?

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