Exec To The Rescue (@iamexec)

I had a problem this week. I rolled into town for TechCrunch Disrupt with my two dogs Laguna and Buddy, two largish (mostly) Labradors.

The problem was, who the heck was going to watch these two troublemakers while I was on stage and otherwise doing tech stuff at the conference?

Enter Exec, a startup CrunchFund and others invested in earlier this year.

If you need something done, Exec will find someone to do it.

If you attended Disrupt you may have seen Megan Kearns and Tristan Zier from Exec being walked around the event by Laguna and Buddy.

They even used Exec to have dog bones delivered to the event.

They’ll be there again tomorrow for the last day, too. Go up and say hi, they’re dog lovers and really nice. I believe they’re handing out coupons to try out Exec, too. Or if not, they should be. It’s a great service.

7 thoughts on “Exec To The Rescue (@iamexec)

  1. Love your reference on your dogs walking Megan and Tristan around and not the other way around.

  2. Jaap B says:

    I don’t know if I should be more worried that your dogs have their own twitter-account, or that they have over a hundred followers each…

  3. Like the concept (taskrabbit isn’t for me)… but service not yet avail. Next time either give us a “invite” or wait until it’s ready… 🙂

  4. More important: I see you have gotten Laguna a playmate. It’s much better with two dogs:-) I always have two so they can wrestle each other and not me. But it’s much harder to go anyplace with two.

  5. @Bernard: wow, I didn’t believe your comment when I saw it. I could have sworn that I joined exec by just going to the site and registering, but I guess I just followed a referral link. I have no idea why they don’t just let people create accounts, and insist upon people coming in from a referral.

    Anywhere, here’s my referral link: https://iamexec.com/r/453a519ed725eb19cf82c3496c845ff8

  6. Wondering what you do to travel with your dogs? Giving them sedatives and putting them in crates under the plane never seemed like an optimal solution, but there doesn’t seem like many other options.

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