SF Creamery Now Sells Churchkey Beer

The CrunchFund 1 Party at the Creamery last night was a ton of fund fun. Attendees included our portfolio companies, most of Silicon Valley’s early stage VCs and plenty of others. We’ll be hosting these regularly.

We’re also happy about two other things.

First, we were able to make a really nice donation to Collective Roots from attendee donations.

And second, everyone got to drink a lot of awesome Churchkey beer (one of our investments).

And better yet, Ivor Bradley, the owner of the Creamery (and the next door Iron Cactus) has decided to keep Churchkey on the menu at both locations permanently.

So drink good beer while pitching your startup. The world is a slightly happier place this morning.

Picture via MG Siegler right as the party started. All those cans are empty now.

5 thoughts on “SF Creamery Now Sells Churchkey Beer

  1. solacetech says:

    Lol, “ton of fund”…

  2. Awesome party and pretty good beer I must say, we dont have that one in Argentina.. You should export it here Mike 🙂

  3. Kris says:

    NYC needs a taste

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