Scratching The Surface

I’m watching this video and all I can think is “I bet every actor and actress in it, with the possible exception of the elderly couple, probably use Macs, iPads and iPhones in real life.” They wouldn’t be caught dead with a Microsoft product.

If they aren’t it’s only because their parents wouldn’t buy them something from Apple.

These new Surface products look great and I’ll be trying them out.

Just like I tried out the Zune back in the day. They had great commercials, too.

21 thoughts on “Scratching The Surface

  1. Khalid says:

    As someone who I imagine lives in the browser, does the prospect of a $249 Chromebook interest you? If only for lightweight/non-work/casual use.

    I’m not sure how much you know about them, but packaged apps are coming in the next few versions and will make Chrome and Chrome OS (in particular) feel more like it has native applications, without any additional security risks.

    • Mcbeese says:

      Khalid – Google is not big on quality. It usually takes a long time before a concept becomes hardened and robust. If anybody can make a ‘Chromebook’ product work, it’s Google… but it will take a long time before it’s ready for prime time, IMHO.

  2. Jorge Williams says:

    Dum commercial. I want my MTV.

  3. Khalid says:

    I just watched it and though I’ve not seen High School Musical, the over-the-top choreography made me instantly think of that.

  4. Aaron Bird says:

    It doesn’t matter what devices actors in Hollywood (or tech bloggers in the Valley/Seattle) are using, 90% of the people that watch this commercial have a Windows machine at home and the majority (78% to be exact – of them do not yet own a tablet (iPad or otherwise). When they go to Best Buy to look at tablets, they will look for the familiar Windows brand and buy it. IMHO: Windows will take a notable chunk (20%?, 30%?) of the tablet market next year without market share from tech bloggers or Hollywood actors.

    • zato says:

      “90% of the people that watch this commercial have a Windows machine at home.”

      I read this same response over and over in comments. When I ask where it comes from, I’m told that Microsoft owns 90% of PC marketshare. But not mentioned is that 80% of all those PC’s are used by corporations and business. Of the remaining 20%, 10% are used mainly in at-home businesses. 7% of the remaining 10% are used by gamer/porn downloaders. (OK – I made that last one up, but it’s probably not far off.)

    • Mcbeese says:

      @Aaron – Forrester Research published a report in April that said 85% of the tablet market was still unfulfilled. The same report predicted that ‘custom Android tablets’, e.g., Kindle Fire, B&N Nook would be the dominant non-iPad choice until at least 2016, at which time Microsoft would be starting to take some significant market share. I think the Forrester report makes sense. Microsoft understands how to build up ecosystems and I think they will be a top player in tablets, but it will take them some time to get there.

  5. 0x4944414E4245434B says:

    In my humble opinion, this kind of marketing is really the reason why people wouldn’t be caught with Microsoft products, the message is all wrong. Microsoft products really are not that bad, and I try to stay to be as objective as possible as the nature of what I do requires it. As I write this, I’m in a Chrome browser, running on Windows 8, off of a Mac Book pro. Tech is tech after all, and all bits are created equal.

    The problem with this marketing is that it preys on people’s insecurities. Don’t we all want to be young again, effortlessly connected, and achieve the admiration and appreciation of our peers and community? I get it, but the real world doesn’t work that way. Watching these kinds of commercials always makes me think, “this was obviously the product of a focus group.” This is especially supported by my experience of working on Windows Mobile for a short stint, which we all know was an overwhelming success.

    Keep it minimal, show the product, explain the experience. Product is the best kind of marketing, and Microsoft should realize that their main advantage as a product is it’s platform. Visual Studio is still the best set of developer tools ever made, and if they had their wits about them they’d make that free before xcode wins that war too.

    • Mcbeese says:

      Yes, agree. Lifestyle ads don’t work for Microsoft these days. Nobody wants to be the ‘PC’, everybody wants to be the ‘Mac’. However, in real-life Microsoft is what many people (not me) use to get through the day. Microsoft should focus on that bottom line.

    • David Callahan says:

      … excellent comment — it is all about “marketing,” meaning more sales and more money. Not necessarily better quality or actual performance… it is the system we live in…

  6. M.S.GANESH says:

    Reblogged this on Ganesh Blogs and commented:
    Scratching The Surface

  7. Love John M. Chu’s videos! Slick looking video, and not a bad looking tablet either. I can see it eating into the market share of all the me-too Android tablets out there.

  8. technokrati says:

    Just showing people a new product, won’t make people switch to them. Ad’s try to create the desire within the viewer and make him think “thats really a fun product,i should check it out”.It’s sort of like the apple strategy,they just try to lure you and only afterwards allow you to think….

  9. The Zune was a product without a purpose. It didn’t do anything better than the iPod, and they had no existing market of people who owned music players.

    You can’t tell this from reading the SV-bound tech press, but most of the world uses Windows. Surface is a huge upgrade to the moribund Windows laptops and desktops most of the computer-owning world has been dealing with.

  10. I also was an early adopter of Zune (30) and really regretted not spending my hard earned money on an iPod instead. It had horrible software and made managing media miserable so I quit using it after 2 months. I am really reluctant on giving a try to hardware from Microsoft (aside from input hardware), especially considering the $499 price tag of Surface.

  11. Matt says:

    Having played w/a Surface, these are really nice devices.

    After you try it, you should contact Microsoft and suggest a “Mikey likes it!” commercial…

  12. Kavya says:

    Great look .. Tab is also the best…
    I saw this cool app where you have to grab cameras and you can win prizes daily. i thought it will be a god info for all gamerz dudes. it’s available on sony india facebook page, just check it out, i has gone there to check some info about PS but this this info more 😛

  13. junxdelux says:

    The Zune was pretty similar to other mp3 players on the market at the time, the ipod was different. The surface does a good job of differentiating itself from other tablets. If you want a tablet that does as much as a basic laptop the first thing that come to mind is this rather than an ipad. It could almost take over the low end laptop market. Interesting thoughts about the lifestyle adverts though, thats the first thing I thought when watching it too!

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