Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?


18 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

  1. solacetech says:

    Hah. He made some valid points. I just feel bad for the new generation of MTV watchers. Won’t they wonder what MTV(use) to stand for? Also, yes, watching Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins on MTV was epic….

  2. I’m pretty sure that guy has about as much to do with MTV as I do. (For one thing, googling his name plus MTV didn’t turn up any hits.) And that girl seems about ten years too young even to REMEMBER when MTV played music videos. (I’m 10-15 years older and barely remember it myself.) Add in the girl’s discomfiture and departure for comedic effect and it becomes blatantly clear that this is sooooo staged.

    That being said, I suspect the fellow is saying basically what a real MTV exec would if he didn’t have to worry about getting fired. Like he says, why should we pine for the days when we could turn on a TV channel and see all the videos some TV channel wanted to show us when we can watch any video we want to via YouTube instead? There really isn’t any reason to yearn for a TV station showing music videos apart from nostalgia when we can so easily get them so many other ways.

    • danyay says:

      Are you really posting the reasons why you *think* this comedic video was produced for comedy reasons and is not real?

      Wow, nothing gets by you, ace.

  3. Its a FF (f****** fake)

  4. Nick says:

    I don’t think widespread music downloading was really around yet when MTV stopped playing music. As I remember it, non-music shows like Remote Control and the Real World started popping up around 1990, and sometime while I was stationed overseas 1995-1997, they stopped playing music videos altogether. Napster was 1999-2000ish?

  5. This rules great share. What I want back is POP UP Video. That was the bomb why isnt there an interactive take on that yet? Let people submit their own popups via tweets etc? Would be a killer app.

  6. N/A says:

    Chris Meadows you are officially the stupidest muthaf***er I’ve ever seen post anything. I mean seriously I hope that was irony, but I don’t believe so…

  7. Jimmy Jazz says:

    Hilariously sad, but true. Well done.
    And to those smart fellas that seem to notice that it’s fake, well done smart fellas.

  8. JoMo says:

    Chris and Nick, thank you for the play by play analysis. Next time I’ll just grab a seat next to Enrico and enjoy the lulz…

  9. I was thinking a little while ago how not buying YouTube was biggest MTVs biggest mistake.

  10. Brett Stubbs says:

    You can stop your magnum PI-ing everyone, it’s one of those viral video thingy’s. For your continued gumshoeing, I should also break it to you that the dude in a lab coat in the Orabrush videos, isn’t really a scientist. Also, jot this down future Columbo’s, there is no news channel that auto-tunes the news, and welcome to the internet.

  11. That awkward moment when you respect MTV…

  12. I thought it was kind of weird a 20 year old was asking that question. I’m 40 and remember when MTV aired the first reality TV show, The Real World. About the same time was when they stopped playing music videos. I think the last time they played videos all the time Adam Curry was VJ.

  13. berrytj says:

    MTV used to stand for something. Literally. It’s no shocker that they dropped the word “music” from the logo. However, the intellectually honest thing to do would have been to replace the word “music” with “money”. Pursuing profit is the only thing MTV cares about.

  14. Derek says:

    I’m in my 30’s and grew up watching music video’s on MTV. Whether the video is fake or not, the network just sucks with all this teenage reality crap. Why call it MTV (Music Telavision network) if it doesn’t play any music daily? O wow, we have music video awards a few times a year, WTF, The station is stupid and teenage girls and boy’s do things on purpose to try to get a contract on the show to become rich so there trailor trash family can be rich and not have to work like most american’s do. Sorry for the rant but MTV suck’s.

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