Giving Up On Google Voice + Sprint + iPhone

Over a year ago I tried to get Google Voice working natively on the iPhone via Sprint. The whole system has been plagued with problems and I finally gave up today. See my post on TechCrunch for details.

11 thoughts on “Giving Up On Google Voice + Sprint + iPhone

  1. Kyle says:

    I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve been a GV user since before it was GV and have grown more and more frustrated with the product. Of course my rant means nothing to them, but hopefully Google will take notice of your decision and decide to refocus their energy.

  2. Not that it’s an excuse, but they broadcast my Sprint number anytime I’m on Verizon. So close and yet so far.

  3. Patrick says:

    I’ve had a great experience with Sprint and GV so far. Maybe I’ve been inured by years of spotty AT&T coverage here in Chicago, but Sprint works better in my house and I’ve noticed LTE coverage popping up around here.

    I ported my number from AT&T to Sprint when the iPhone 5 came out. Then I “enabled” the number in GV rather than porting it over, so now I only have one number to deal with. I turned off Text Forwarding in the mobile app and turned off iMessage in the iOS settings so I only get and send texts in GV (Group Messaging and MMS still go thru the Messages App).

    It’s been working great and I love answering calls to my actual number through Gmail. So cool.

    And now I’m about to port my parents number over to GV and set it up with an Obihai device. Hopefully I’ll have a better experience than you did there as well.

  4. g says:

    Is it the iPhone? The reason I ask is I use GV on a Galaxy Nexus/Sprint and it works awesomely. I have my wife and daughter set up with GV (also Nexus/Verizon) and that works awesomely as well. Ditch the iPhone. Join the Google addiction! lol

  5. Internet gal says:

    Here is MY issue with the evil Google voice + Sprint = charging my phone bill landline minutes instead of being free call per Google’s promise!!!!! After so much frustration, high phone bill(s) is that it now disclose that GV is charging your phone bill with the iPhone, it didn’t before. Now you can test drive my research by having the airplane mode on and if you can still make calls via wifi, congrats and you’re lucky! If you can’t make calls then guess what, you’re screwed! So to clarify you receive free calls to you GV# but the calls OUT are billed. Good luck! And please post your research!

  6. Doesn’t make a good case for a lot of others who’ve had a great time with GV. But yeah, the service has been buggy all along for a lot and I don’t think Google’s overall approach to the product is as if there’s a problem.

  7. superstubbs says:

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  8. V says:

    Ever since I got an iPhone 5 my GV isn’t letting me sign in and is notifying me that I don’t have a GV account. I even made a new account and even THAT didnt work. You have a better chance with another app.

  9. Paul says:

    How do I get my GV to work on my Iphone 5?

  10. greg says:

    I want to share some vital info i figured out for fixing Sprint/iPhone/GoogleVoice text and voicemail problems. When i switched from Android to iPhone months ago, half of my incoming texts would no longer forward to the GoogleVoice app on my computer; and after 3 days of calls to tech support (and speaking to 6 or 7 different Customer Care providers), finally someone found the problem: You must turn off Apple’s iMessage application on the iPhone, and THEN the super-handy feature of texts and voicemails going to GoogleVoice will work once again. Without making this setting change, i would only receive maybe 50% of my texts.. and it turns out these were from the non-iPhone users. Now all texts work again, and i can do business when i’m outside Sprint reception,… as long as i have internet connection (like overseas šŸ™‚ I hope this helps somebody out there!

  11. Gary says:

    Has anyone had problems MAKING calls using a Spring Iphone with an integrated GV number? Sometimes When I place calls I just get a busy signal, like 5 times in a row, before the call will go through…. Very Annoying! Any suggestions? Thanks!

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