My TechCrunch Disrupt Interview Schedule

Next week is TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. The event is essentially sold out, and there’s good reason – this is probably the best lineup of speakers they’ve had to date.

I’m preparing for some fascinating conversations. The schedule is still fluid but as of today here’s who I’ll be talking to on stage. They’re in the order that I’m talking to them:

    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
    Ron Conway, David Lee and Brian Pokorny from SV Angel
    Doug Leone from Sequoia Capital and Sanjit Biswas from Meraki
    Reid Hoffman and David Sze from Greylock Partners
    Marc Benioff/Salesforce
    John Doerr/Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
    Vinod Khosla/Khosla Ventures
    Marissa Mayer/Yahoo
    Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

I’ve interviewed almost all of these people before and I’m sure they’ll have fascinating things to say. I expect Benioff to be the most likely to say something outrageous.

Mayer will get at least a little razzing about the Vogue Magazine thing – Personally I think she should do the interview in the same pose as the picture. Probably won’t happen, though.

Wrapping the conference up with a talk with Zuckerberg will definitely be a win. Hopefully it’ll be as newsworthy and interesting as our talk a year ago.

6 thoughts on “My TechCrunch Disrupt Interview Schedule

  1. Andrew says:

    I have always enjoyed your on-stage interviews (and writing style) but please remember to remain true yourself and the event by ignoring the fact you will most likely be interviewing people who are investors in your fund. Curve balls are always more interesting than soft balls.

  2. PRISM has to hurt Marc Benioff’s Salesforce?

    James Staten at Forrester estimates a 20-25 percent hit on all US based IT service provider revenues through 2016.

  3. Adam Sweet says:

    I’m disappointed in Ron Conway’s “I’m not the guy to lead this charge” statement.

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