App Store Top Five: QuizUp #1, MoviePop #4


Happy to see two CrunchFund companies in the top five App Store rankings today: QuizUp at #1 and MoviePop at #4.

Both of these apps use what I’ve previously called “simulated synchronous gameplay” – it feels like you’re playing against someone in real time, but really you’re playing against a recorded game.

Both are a ton of fun. MoviePop is from the same company that makes SongPop; QuizUp has over a million downloads in its first week.

7 thoughts on “App Store Top Five: QuizUp #1, MoviePop #4

  1. QuizUp is extremely well executed. how many different iterations did it go through before becoming #1 in the app store?

  2. chris a says:

    Congrats to all involved. They both launched apps in what was a really crowded segment. There are literally thousands of trivia games occupying every keyword you can think of so breaking through how they did is impressive. When learning to code launched my own trivia game that’s held up pretty well but the “simulated synchronous gameplay” adds a really addictive element to these type of games. Congrats again.

  3. Carla says:

    Hey you can also play at Moviecup, its more fun 😉
    Add me : carla23

  4. mike we love both (both as users but also as developers since we work with both!) but the real performance here is not the fact they are top 10. We both know any app can buy that using incentivized downloads or a campaign on facebook. The real performance of both apps is that they manage to stick there consistently and still serve happy users which is consistent with their quality score

    well done on the investment on both

  5. I have tried and I really like

  6. nader says:

    Have you seen the recent hype in Europe about Quizduell? Usage is exploding.

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