Google Analytics Premium: “Premium’s” The Right Word!

Google announced a real time “premium” analytics product last week. Pricing? Contact them to find out.

It’s $150,000 per year. Wowza.

Thanks for your interest in Premium. The program has a flat annual fee of $150,000 which we invoice monthly ($12,500 per month).

The Premium features (including faster data, unsampled reporting, more custom variables) can be enabled on your existing GA account within 2 business days of you joining the program – no retagging necessary.

Please let me know if you’d like to set up some time to discuss further.

Thanks again

Google Analytics Premium is here!

This e-mail is confidential. If you are not the right addressee please do
not forward it, please inform the sender, and please erase this e-mail
including any attachments. Thanks.

The above terms reflect a potential business arrangement, are provided
solely as a basis for further discussion, and are not intended to be and do
not constitute a legally binding obligation. No legally binding obligations
will be created, implied, or inferred until an agreement in final form is
executed in writing by all parties involved.

61 thoughts on “Google Analytics Premium: “Premium’s” The Right Word!

  1. Atharv Vaish says:

    LOL @ “This e-mail is confidential.”

  2. uttiya says:

    Could you get sued by google for disclosing this email? Just curious.

    • Amrut says:

      Google isn’t stupid to sue Arrington, or anybody else, for such a stupid reason. Imagine the kind of ridicule they’d face if they did.

  3. George Tinari says:

    LOL no.

  4. You’re killing it, Mike. Thanks for getting back to old-school blogging.

  5. Who would pay for this?

  6. User says:

    Cheaper than Coremetrics, probably better service too.

  7. Love how you kept in the legal disclaimer which i’m told doesn’t hold any water (which is why you put it in there, correct?)

  8. They are competing with likes of Omniture & Web Trends with premium for big publishers. IMO, they are accustomed to pricing like this.

  9. There’s nothing confidential in this email as the pricing leaked hours after it got announced, but it’s a ridiculous price. The bad thing is that this can make companies like chartbeat hike their prices.

  10. ahmedomarz94 says:

    Shame on Google

  11. ahmedomarz94 says: and offer the same!

  12. Jauhari says:

    This is super PRICE I ever seen

  13. SM says:

    The “legalese” only says not to forward it if you were not the intended recipient. Since Mike was the intended recipient, it’s not asking him not to forward/publish it.

    Also, that “do not forward” text is clearly phrased as a request, and doesn’t claim to be legally binding.

  14. The pricing isn’t crazy if compared to Omniture or Coremetrics but the flat fee structure makes no sense. The others charge based on some token system this will charge sites with many visits and page loads the same as smaller websites that may also be interested.

    Doesn’t appear to be a well thought out strategy by GooG.

    • Max says:

      The flat fee is great for large enterprises, though — the overage charges from Omniture are insane and this is actually an attractive alternative!

  15. Ad Age mentioned this a few days ago… if you think about the amount huge brands are spending on analytics – this is actually about right.

  16. $150,000 per year…that’s all?! I guess the premium version is mainly meant for enterprises.

  17. Adam Gering says:

    “Let me tell you something… You know your getting ripped off… If people will not tell you the price of something, it is a big indication you are about to be ripped off. And I hate hate hate when it’s not clear how much something costs.” — Jason Calacanis to Jon Ferrara ( talking about competitor SaleForce. @ 34:30

    Thanks Arrington!

  18. Google must have hired some wise guy to do the pricings this year.

  19. It’s crystal clear that I made a tragic mistake by becoming a blogger and new media entrepreneur. Should’ve invested my time coming up with a great tool for people to analyze their traffic.

    $150,000 – it’s much, but if you run a big site, and you want to nail the numbers down – not ‘almost perfectly,’ but 100% perfect – it may make sense as an investment.

  20. Shane Hudson says:

    Wow. I think everybody will either stick to the free version or go to Woopra which is fairly similar!

  21. GADEL says:

    This is TOO PRICEY! Only the Internet millionaires can afford this package I guess.

  22. noob says:

    Haha … thanks AOL for firing Mike. We finally got him back!

  23. mike says:

    That’s mice nuts. You can pay more than that to be blackmailed by Return Path and their ISP cohorts. At least with Google you’re getting something for your money…


  24. Tom says:

    For large websites not using sampled data is a big feature.

  25. Hmm… maybe some kind of Yelp deal: “you pay us the $150k, and you might suddenly find yourself at the top of Google searches…”

  26. Russell says:

    Hmmm … $150K per year sounds VERY reasonable … My company is paying more than $12.5K per month on Amazon bill for analytics … Maybe there’s a way we can just feed data off to Google Analytics and run stuff from there instead ….

  27. Razwell says:

    Morgan Freeman go poopy !!!!!!!!

  28. John says:

    Wonder if they’ll open this up and cheapen it for the average small business.

  29. Caleb says:

    Just to clarify… the Real-Time feature is for everyone, not just Premium users. Real-Time in GA is free to all. As for the Premium features, if you don’t want to pay $150k, then don’t. You still get everything GA is today for free and I think they’ll certainly continue to add features to it. But, for companies using other “enterprise” paid solutions, a flat $150k fee is probably a lot lower than what they’re paying already.


    • Jai says:

      Tru dat. Dont know why everyone likes to jump on to google’s back with a knife.

      Mike, I believe you should have provided this information as well as (if possible) a price comparison.

  30. WoW Gooogle! WoW! We can buy our own server and make a custom data tracking system for such an amount! And we won’t pay 150 grand per year in the long-term picture…

  31. Aaron Parker says:

    Wow, 150K is ridiculous for something that many other companies, including GoSquared ( offer for free for 1 website and then for tiny amount of money in comparison for more than 1 site…!

  32. Miles says:

    This is crazy! Have they gone mad?

  33. Marco Cilia says:

    I see many many people here that doesn’t know how much Webtrends and Ominture charge for the same amount of feature. Michael, ask them a quote for 1billion pageviews, then do a comparison!

  34. Having access to more detailed analytics would be great. How much does it cost…. DOH!

  35. Will says:

    It’s really not that bad at $150K/annually when you consider Omniture (Adobe), the other widely adopted analytics platform, charges a a minimum of 60k annually, but can range as high as $150K.

  36. I can help you out with Web Analytics Michael, for free…

  37. I”m sure it’s more GA is more complex but I get free real-time analytics for free with WordPress’s Jetpack plugin. I don’t even bother to check my GA stats anymore. But I’m not selling anything so I suppose there’s more to it.

  38. Kevin Roarke says:

    150K/year ain’t bad for analytics – most of the products in this space are much more expensive.Depends on what features GA offers though.

  39. It’s not cheap, but it’s reasonable if you know anything about enterprise tracking solutions.

  40. Small bloggers can’t afford such a huge annual fee

  41. It is clear that this is to limit the number of requests which are already hire due to Google instant 🙂 — if you know what i mean.

  42. and then.. ask yourself.. do you really need premium services???

  43. jewelry sale says:

    Google isn’t stupid to sue Arrington, or anybody else, for such a stupid reason. Imagine the kind of ridicule they’d face if they did.

  44. If the pricing is fixed it’s a far better price for the large enterprise than Omniture/Adobe. The variable “event” based pricing at the latter is murder in stable companies who need to predict expenses.

  45. Kristina says:

    Anybody know the price of CoreMetrics?

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