Welcome To CrunchFund, MG Siegler

I want to welcome MG Siegler as our newest general partner at CrunchFund. MG, who I worked with for several years at TechCrunch, will join me and Patrick Gallagher in the next couple of weeks.

More on this shortly.

Update: MG’s post with details on his decision is here. TechCrunch post on his future role as a columnist there is here.

103 thoughts on “Welcome To CrunchFund, MG Siegler

  1. George Tinari says:


  2. Does this mean he has quit Techcrunch…

  3. Wohohohohoho! This just gave me a million dollar smile. Damn good! DAMN GOOD! Congrats!

  4. MS says:

    Awesome, good luck MG

  5. dawiz says:

    Woah! Congrats MG!

  6. ex TechCrunch/AOLers (@arrington) working with other ex TechCrunchAOLers (@parislemon) investing in ex TechCrunch/AOLers (Paul Carr)

    AOL = AWOL

  7. gk says:

    So I guess you will be primary investing in Apple.

  8. John says:

    Could have seen this one coming for a long time!

  9. David Harris says:

    This makes me happy.

    Also, Michael, is there a way for you to add G+ integration to this blog?

  10. FruitMyCube says:

    Let’s talk about an investment Mike & MG! Just over a year-old with revs nearing $2 mil…

  11. tony says:

    rock on…huffpo is a bunch of bluffpoo

  12. Shan says:

    How to apply for Crunchfund? I don’t find a link anywhere..

  13. Justin Dean says:

    If this means he no longer writes for TechCrunch then you just stole the last reason I read. That leaves me with what, Mashable? Awesome. Think its a great move though – excited to see what you guys do with the CrunchFund.

  14. please tell me he won’t be posting his Apple up-suckery over here as well… I’m still thinking of writing a Chrome extension to expunge his posts when I read TC!

    • GM says:

      Laughable. MG doesn’t know shit about tech. At TC he was constantly wrong. Just goes to show that VC is more about who you know rather than what you know. Crunchfund = another bad SV joke. That was quick.

  15. felicia says:

    Great addition. MG knows good startups when he sees them.

  16. Congrats! I’d love to see how the business model will be different from other VC firms. I’d expect innovation from you guys!

  17. Nikesh says:

    Congratulations MG!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Win says:

    Who is next one wonders?

  19. Waqas Ali says:

    Is it because AOL sucks, or because CrunchFund is next coolest things, or both?

  20. Great! CrunchFund will do well with these three men.

  21. Taco Girl says:

    Remind me again why he’s even remotely qualified for this kind of job?

  22. Next up?….Alexia, Sarah, and….Carr! Maybe Gilmor for some pazazz!

  23. kosso says:

    i totally called this. https://twitter.com/#!/kosso/status/119496082844696576

    just something about there being a lot more posts to the parislemon blog since disrupt. call it a gut feeling.

    nice move!

    • Michael Arrington says:

      MG and I were laughing about that tweet. very observant.

      • kosso says:

        Ha! I knew it! ;

        But I did think it would happen right after filing the Apple event stuff, but you’re in London I see.

        I assume you’ll be able to watch it via the live journo video feed they provide in London?

        Best of luck with it all, MG. Sounds incredibly exciting. Share the experience as much as you can, without pissing on anyone’s chips ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Wow…rock on MG & Mike..

  25. Rocco Tarasi says:

    wow. awesome for so many reasons.

  26. Elias Shams says:

    awesome! so everyone from techcrunch is joining!

  27. Elias Shams says:

    mike, when are we going to see you on awesomize.me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Matt says:

    Wow, did not see this coming.

  29. Even Ray Charles could this one coming… well maybe not HUFF.AOL.com- because their heads were to high in the AIR!

  30. testbeta says:

    man! you lost techcrunch my heart still aches from the very thought of AOL acquiring it …so i have found you and i wondered who it could be with the name uncrunched…came via Robert’s post on Google + you don’t have a contact me page so writing here instead…i had some thoughts i wanted to tell you but now i can’t recollect them….so signing off it’s great Seigler is coming too

  31. testbeta says:

    yeah great header! i think i wanted to say that in my thoughts among many! if only it could be high resolution unpaid blogger, so is Gray and Scoble

  32. JoAnne Kao says:

    congrats mg & mike, this made my night!

  33. Daniel Gold says:

    Haha.. The corpse of techcrunch isn’t even cold yet .. and he’s already poaching !!! ๐Ÿ˜› I don’t blame you Mike..I don’t think you were treated fairly at least .. from what I have read..

  34. Ravi Sheth says:

    Figured that, since he didn’t post on TC for days.

  35. Tango and Cash back together again!!

  36. mbreslin says:

    I know it’s inside baseball, but I want to know the situation with Alexia who was clearly writing a similar post and what the reasoning for Erich doing it instead. It was one of the most sterile posts I’ve ever seen on TC.

  37. Congrats to MG and the CrunchFund team. Im gonna miss you guys on TC but Im even more stoked about what you are going to help create.

    It would be cool if Arrington and Laporte could work things out and CrunchFund could invest in TWiT and help Leo continue to change that space. Perhaps even host a show about the VC side of the technology he covers.

  38. Mark says:

    How do we humble mortals join crunchfund? What do we have to bring on?

  39. This will be a nice ride ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. neoFight says:

    There is no longer a reason to read TechCrunch. (Not to mention that the new logo and design still hurts my eyes.)

  41. Hongbo Zhang says:

    Welcome, MG to uncrunched or crunch fund.

  42. ben says:

    i hope uncruncher will be better,

  43. Never ending stoooory… ๐Ÿ˜‰ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3khTntOxX-k

    Either way, congratz!

  44. how much will he be investing?

  45. Brian says:


    I hope it all works out, I really do. However, while MG’s credentials to cover the technology beat are obviously top shelf. What are his credentials to (1) select the best start ups to invest money in and (2) advise the founders. To my knowledge, which is admittedly limited, MG has never been an investor anywhere near the level of your fund and has never had to meet payroll. Additionally, unlike you, he is not going “all-in” — something you will almost undoubtedly encourage the founders you invest in to do. He is not leaving his “day job” — so his downside is covered.

    I just don’t get it. He has never been “in the Arena”; at least this arena. He has been on the outside as a critic. Perhaps he has come up with at least $1M so he has some skin in the game.

    Again, I do hope it works out.

    • Ben Farley says:

      Sorta like Paul Carr getting his own startup…. what…..?? huh….??!

    • You said it bloggers are critics. Not game changing technology talent scouts. This soap opera me of MAD magazines Spy Vs Spy comic strip. Congrats MG this could be your big break.

    • Mike Frankl says:

      Yes I agree. Congrats to MG but don’t really see how his credentials or lack thereof make him a good VC. It looks like he’s being handed a huge opportunity with very little risk to his own pocket book (given he’s still going to be a columnist on TC).

      Guess MA has a LOT of faith in you. Don’t blow it!

      • Mike Frankl says:

        BTW – I assumed he hasn’t personally invested in the fund. There doesn’t seem to be any evidence to suggest he has. Maybe Arrington can clarify.

  46. Awesome. MG has always seemed like the “right hand man/voice” to Mike @ TechCrunch. Only more good things can happen.

    Now that Mike has funded Paul Carr and recruited MG, my guess is that Sarah Lacy (@sarahcuda) will be the next piece in Mike’s puzzle somehow. Once she’s back from maternity leave that is.

  47. Aaron Krane says:

    Mike, I hope i get to meet MG and you in your eminent new roles. CrunchFund sounds totally rad!

  48. Jauhari says:

    New TechCrunch 2.0?

  49. Sweet! Now when does MG start blogging here ? ๐Ÿ˜€ ! I say within 6-12 months.

  50. Alex says:

    This is exciting. I have officially jumped ship from Techcrunch. Looking forward to what you guys and CrunchFund have planned.

  51. Jack says:

    Lol, so I guess anyone (even an ordinary blogger) can become a VC now? I thought some previous business or tech experience, not to mention tons of money, would be necessary. Guess not!

  52. If Apple needed $200k this would be a great idea. Otherwise, MG’s only value will be in writing about the companies you invest in.

  53. sundropdev says:

    Im glad MG is moving on from AOL, but I have a hard time accepting this sorta phony transition from journalist to “VC”. really?

    Sorry not buying it. And what I think is double trouble is that Arrington you were bitten for crossing the line and now you are just saying there is no line.

    MG is not a VC. He’s a good writer, he’s not a VC, just because you say he is one now.

    I expect more great articles from MG but thats about it. If you are really saying that techcrunch writers are now qualified VC’s I have to say sorry thats a crock of shit now matter the connections they may have or their ability to write.

    This is a shark jump.

  54. Hmmn that wasn’t expected.. lol Good luck mg ๐Ÿ˜‰

  55. Motmaitre says:

    General Partner?

    And the qualifications required to be a partner in a VC fund are?

    Apparently, undying loyalty and fealty to the Managing Partner are all that is required. Forget any business or financial knowledge or experience as a VC. Having blogged as a tech fanboy is all the knowledge you need.

    I think it is fairly safe to say that the CrunchFund is doomed. $20m will be gone with the wind. When a VC chooses his investments (paul carr) and his Partners (MG Siegler) not based on their skills but on their relationship with him, investors’ money is in a precarious position indeed. What happened to hiring professional investors?

    Mr Arrington, your ego is a mighty planet. We all know this. But blogging and investing are two different things. Among other things, investment decisions require brainstorming and multiple points of view. These two people (Carr and Siegler) are blindly loyal to you, which of course is why you are investing in/hiring them. This egocentricism will be the downfall of CrunchFund.


    • Not so fast. Arrington has a great track record/knowledge, plus, he is on a first name basis with the most experienced and brightest VCs in the Valley. He will do more than fine. Like I posted above: you could be a royal pain, weird troll from the far side… and, have a groundbreaking idea/concept. Who knows? their start ups could be wildly successful… Wish them luck.

  56. Ship jump! Enjoy the new yacht ๐Ÿ˜‰ and come visit us in DC Area / Northern Virginia. Why not start at Distilled Intelligence by Fortify.vc next week! http://www.distilledintelligence.com

  57. Congratulation to MG. He’s my favourite all things Apple blogger. Hope he continues to write about Apple in some form. Sometimes we need both end of the story in order to understand things more clearly.

  58. Congratulation to MG Siegler

  59. klaus says:

    first sell the company and then steal the name?

  60. Really good to see the lack of an ironclad non-compete with AOL/TC! Congrats on that – and this hire Mike. Can’t think of anyone who “get’s” it more than MG (way beyond Apple). And MG, you’re volume of public insight will be missed – but my sense is we’ll still be hearing a lot from you.

  61. Brian says:

    I wish uncrunched.com becomes the new old-Techcrunch. A new website with the old-Techrunch philosphy. We want true and unbiased information. Here comes Micheal Arrington!!

  62. yo.momma says:

    Damn it, the only reason I was reading this was because MG Sielger *wasn’t* a writer. This website is now “unread.com” to me.

  63. Good luck. I was expecting his from the very beginning.


  64. My congrats Mr. Siegler!

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