“Batch” May Be The Perfect Mobile Photo Sharing App (No, Seriously)

A few months ago Daily Booth CEO Brian Pokorny told me that most of his team was working on a second product. “What is it?” I asked, “A mobile photo sharing app?”

I was joking, because everyone and their mother seemed to launch a mobile photo sharing app in the last year or so, to the point that we groaned whenever we saw a new one.

“Yes. And it’s going to liberate the countless photos that everyone has stuck in their phones.”

“Ha ha. Seriously?”


“No, you’re not serious.”



And so the conversation went. I didn’t believe him until he pulled out his iPhone and showed me an early internal version of Batch, his new mobile photo sharing app.

Batch is now in the iPhone app store.

And it is absolutely amazing.

Batch allows people to create albums, called “Batches,” with photos from an event or whatever. Yeah, not so exciting. But it lets you auto upload them as you take them from the app, and you can mass select photos already stuck on your iPhone as well.

That last sentence is the important one. We all have hundreds or thousands of photos on our phones that we’ve never bothered to upload to Facebook or Flickr. Batch makes it exceptionally easy to do that, dozens at a time.

You sign in via Facebook, so it already knows your friends. Tagging them into Batches is really easy as well. They’ve taken a lot of time with the interface and it’s both beautiful, fast and functional.

It’s the perfect app to add to my new iPhone (with Google Voice!). Android users will have to wait a bit to use it.

Photos can be kept private or shared with others. It’s amazing seeing notifications pop up in real time as new photos are added to a Batch while you’re still at an event.

There are some features I’d like to see them add to Batch soon. Multiple people can’t contribute to a single Batch, they have to create their own. So there will be multiple Batches at a single event when all your friends start using this.

I’d also like to have the ability to tag photos, not just batches. And I’d like to be able to download or bookmark individual photos as well. Right now you can only see a list of all Batches you’ve been tagged in. That’s great, but over time that list will become unmanageable.

But the app as it is today is absolutely great, and I’ll be using it constantly. As I tag friends at events they’ll get notifications on Facebook, so they can see the photos. This will spread fast.

As for Daily Booth – Pokorny says it’s still growing nicely (they just passed 1 million users), and the team will continue to develop both products. The company has raised about $7 million to date. It was originally part of Y Combinator.

Try this. You’ll love it.

51 thoughts on ““Batch” May Be The Perfect Mobile Photo Sharing App (No, Seriously)

  1. This is pretty exceptional. Incredible that we still are wresting with issues of how to move our data…

  2. Incredible team so I think this will do well!

  3. Does this mean that you got your Sprint iPhone???

  4. Ha. Scrolled down and saw the iPhone post. Doh.

  5. Ben says:

    “Requires a Facebook account”
    No thanks

  6. Sounds awesome, but I seriously hope they left out the overused/abused filters. (».«)

  7. Eric says:

    Facebook = fail. Tracks is a better app

  8. So basically it works kind of like the Google+’s Photo/Video Instant Upload and batch uploading feature? Does it upload to Facebook or does it just tag FB friends and upload to a totally separate site?

    Can anyone explain how this is different from Google+’s mobile uploading feature?

  9. Thyaga says:

    Serious entrepreneurs will put $7 m for a much better use. Lucky founders – the investors are trusting them with their money – I forgot.. it is not their own money.

  10. Srini says:

    Photos are done. Audio is the new wave. We are a new type of telephone and word processor, and this is what ? A new mobile photo sharing app. I find this precious and inane.

    • Srini says:

      I’m also frustrated I can’t edit a comment on your blog, @arrington. I apologize and admit that I overdid it. It’s probably a nice app. I’m just Very Bored Of People’s Photo Apps.

  11. The point is, my photos will be uploaded to where? Batch servers?! Facebook !?

    Seriously, the only place right now that I trust my photoso to be is picasa photo albuns (Google) and DropBox storage (that’s synced with my computer and im able to get a link to public gallery).

    If Apple’s iCloud can give us a link to submit to friends to view the gallery, that would be awsome.

    Batch dont have the resources and filters of Instagram, nor the latest features of the actual iOS camera software.

  12. Shame – would love the app, agree that I will never use it if it requires a Fbook account.

  13. Doesn’t google+ app allows you to do this exact thing???

  14. Ariyas says:

    They do have a nice domain for an app compared to all the typos I have been seeing.

  15. johny miric says:

    Why not, I only have 20 photo sharing apps.

  16. Amr says:

    Google Plus do the same! take photos or videos and G+ do the rest!
    I’m not sure about G+ for iPhone, but my Android does it!

  17. Nils says:

    I don’t get it. An App for batch uploads? For all my pics I have on my iPhone? Why on earth should I want to upload them at all? The reason I have them on my phone and not on Instagram, Facebook and so on is of course that they were not worthy uploading the first time. Photos I want to have in the cloud or to be shared I do upload when I shot them. So what is this app for?

  18. randomiser says:

    Has no one heard of Liveshare?? I mean they even fill in the hole Arrington mentioned about single batches with multiple people uploading.


  19. name is Adnan.. not randomiser.. stupid gravatar automation.

  20. peter says:

    Is a good article, thank. See more. Home theatre system http://hotshop108.com

  21. Han says:

    > Batch allows people to create albums, called “Batches,” with photos from an event or whatever. Yeah, not so exciting. But it lets you auto upload them as you take them from the app, and you can mass select photos already stuck on your iPhone as well.

    um, isnt that what the first version of the posterous app did?

  22. Paul says:

    Another VC-funded app which doesn’t save lives or prevent injuries, congratulations!

  23. inthewoods says:

    Buggy and junky – try Photorocket instead.

  24. Katrina says:

    Michael Arrington’s record of picking startups + his diminshed draw for story material + gotta get -something- on the blog = “Yet Another Photo App Best (I embarrass even myself)”

  25. sir says:

    how is this different from http://getchute.com/

  26. Orli Yakuel says:

    After playing with this today, I have some feature ideas as well:
    They need to add the ability to like or comment on a Batch, not just on a single photo. The number of people viewing my Batch or photo will be nice to have as well (from the app and the webpage shared on networks)

    Sharing options needs to be finalized. Doesn’t work well when you enable the buttons, I found that I need to click share again after sharing. On twitter the share is a visible link. On Facebook it’s not. Should be fixed.

  27. You had me until you said Facebook. Great idea in concept, but how do i then then get all my photos from Facebook? I can’t. So unless there is another service I could upload too. I will pass.

    Google+ on my droid device is awesome. But shame on them too. Their Takeout service doesn’t yet support exporting pics and videos out.

  28. just checked the app and it is truly great to play with (and share some photos casually). Great job on the design.

    If you like the concept of sharing a number of photos but not too many – we are working on a service that allows to automatically choose 16pics from any online album (iPhone camera roll to come later on) and share them. we are launching soon – Check out our beta signup page at http://16pics.com/

  29. Tackable is the best photo sharing app AND it’s still in beta, so only getting better.

    No, I don’t work for them! But here’s their site: http://www.tackable.com

  30. Album expert says:

    You can also try the Primadesk app. This app lets you search all your online accounts (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket etc.,). You can easily copy photos from one account to another or upload or download photos from online accounts to your device.

    Try it out at http://www.primadesk.com

  31. Rojalih says:

    I agree with all that.

  32. charity says:

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  33. silvio says:

    I am a little bit confused. Google has just closed pool and you believe this similar app will success? I think instagram will add this feature to make public album and batch is over.

  34. Sridhar says:

    Android users have a great app called gpix. Gpix is a product of techtacle/ixlabs. Gpix allows batch uploading similar to batch. It supports Facebook, picasa , flickr and myspace . Gpix also has the auto upload feature. Gpix tagging feature is great. It detects faces automitically and provides an excellent GUI to tag friends. It also support comments , batch delete etc etc …. Great app..waiting for the app on iPhone….

  35. Tony says:

    I downloaded GPIX on my android phone.. it has amazing features. I can upload multiple photos to multiple sites like facebook, picasa, myspace and flickr in a single click. Thx for sharing.

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