iPhone 5 v. Lightsabre Chainsaw

If you’re a man about town like I am, and that town happens to be San Francisco, you’ve got better than even odds of walking by someone who’s already brandishing an iPhone 5 loaner from Apple.

Today I had my first hands-on with the phone during a meeting at Darwin Cafe in SF. MG “This Is The Greatest Apple Thingy Ever” Siegler had it in his hot little hands and was willing to hand it over, in a supervised, hovering manner, for a good 90 seconds or so.

Physically the phone blows away the iPhone 4. It’s lighter, thinner and longer and it fits more naturally in the hand than the 4 does for me.

It’s also significantly lighter than the iPhone 4. It just feels cool in your hand. A feeling very much like the first time I held the original iPhone; but I haven’t felt that feeling of “happy/peace/power” since then.

Unless you count the feel of my light sabre chainsaw in my leather sheathed hands as I prepare to take on the Zombie Apocalypse. You can see it in my Facebook profile picture. It’s perfectness is marred only slightly by the fact that it does not, of course, exist.

But back to this iPhone. If the lightsabre chainsaw actually existed I wouldn’t hesitate to call it an iPhone 5 killer. I could then follow up with a literal demonstration if you like.

This phone is lighter, longer, thinner and feels of even higher construction quality than the already impressive iPhone 4S.

Next I’d like to review some of the software updates that come at the same time as the phone is being released. But alas, Siegler swiped it back from me before I was able to touch too many of his precious virtual buttons. It sure did look sparkly, though.

I’ll be getting one shortly.

7 thoughts on “iPhone 5 v. Lightsabre Chainsaw

  1. Such a light sabre chainsaw fanboy.

  2. Now I want a light sabre chainsaw 😦

  3. Zee says:

    All you need is a hip case for that thing.

  4. Prescott says:

    I sense a kickstarter campaign

  5. John says:

    Big question then (which i’m trying to figure out and you’re one of the few that I know also has this): go with iPhone5 + Sprint, and as a big Google voice user, get the benefits of that integration. The downside is Sprint’s lack of a solid “4G” network, and this phone apparently can really fly with 4G. Or go with iPhone5 + Verizon/AT&T, lose the google voice integration, but gain the 4G.

  6. stguait says:

    Don’t touch that ‘maps’ icon, i said… ow… too late…

  7. I’m planning to have an iphone 5 this month but after reading this, I want to have a Lightsabre Chainsaw instead.

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