CrunchFund 1 Party At SF Creamery

Buy Tickets Here

It was late 2005 that we had our first TechCrunch get together in Atherton.

The events got progressively bigger and eventually they evolved into a once a year event at August Capital. But I remember those first few parties the most fondly.

Let’s do some more. At the center of the San Francisco startup ecosystem.

Our first CrunchFund event will be held this Thursday, September 27, at The Creamery in San Francisco, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM.

We’re taking over the Creamery as well as the Iron Cactus next door, and both patios, which will safely hold around 300 people at one time. The beer taps will be open, as well as soft drinks and a taco bar and other food.

Get your ticket here. This is just the first batch, we’ll try to open up more later. You will not be able to get into the event without a ticket.

We’re charging $10 for each ticket, which experience has told me will minimize no shows. The entire ticket price, minus Eventbrite fees, will be donated to Collective Roots, an East Palo Alto sustainable food nonprofit organization.

All food and drink at the event is complimentary. So prepare to drink some beer and eat some tacos.

Update:We’ll also be serving Churchkey beer. Thanks for sponsoring!

13 thoughts on “CrunchFund 1 Party At SF Creamery

  1. aziza says:

    Looks cool but the ticketing system is in constant ‘pending’ state. Is that normal?

  2. Tim says:

    crap – literally all gone within like 5-10 mins! hoping another batch opens

  3. PatDDixon says:

    Too short of notice for me,erg, have fun!

  4. When will the next “batch” of tix be available?

  5. Peter Urban says:

    Working in a n new project and would be happy to come down form Canada to connect. Could not snatch a ticket though.

  6. Wing-yin says:

    I’m curious too!

    when there’s a next batch if there’s a next batch

  7. Would easily consider the trip from NYC just to give Churchkey beer a try

  8. Brian Bowman says:

    Looking forward to it.

  9. techortreat says:


    Any chance of opening some more tickets for this one?

  10. techortreat says:


    Any chance if opening up some tickets for this one?

  11. Yay, thanks for funding Collective Roots!

  12. Marc Canter says:

    will Scoble appear nude?

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