Jesus, Vonage, This Is Pathetic

I’m a long time Vonage user, staying loyal even as Comcast offers a better (bundled) deal for phone service. But lately they’ve been calling me non-stop with sales calls. I stopped answering at some point but they just leave voicemail messages saying I need to call them back urgently. For a sales call.

Anyway, putting aside the fact that the person talking seems supremely uninterested in what she’s saying, the quality of the calls is atrocious. I’ve noticed this before, but this message today really shows how bad the call quality is, particularly near the end.

Vonage, is this really the brand image you want? At least make sure your calls can be heard.

Listen here.

7 thoughts on “Jesus, Vonage, This Is Pathetic

  1. Bart says:

    Reminds me of the clerk I dealt with during my last foray to the dmv.

  2. J. Peterson says:

    Switched to Ooma about three years ago. Took a one time offer, and for about $100 extra, I have not paid a phone bill in years. Works reliably. (No connection with them, just a satisfied customer).

  3. Speaking of horrible… that transcription

  4. Douglas says:

    reminded me of the problems I had with DirecTV after cancelling their service. They would call and hang up within 3 rings, caller ID would show only the number, no name. I would call back and find myself on a sales line. When I asked to be taken off the calling list, I had to be trundled off to a supervisor. I was told it could take up to ten days to remove me from their list. I told him I would start making complaints to the Do Not Call website if I received a call after 24 hours ( it should take no more than 10 minutes to remove a number from a list… computers, don’t you know?). I have not received a call since but I do receive a weekly letter begging me to return to their service. I think seriously about collecting them for a year and then mailing the bundle to the CEO.

  5. Regina E, Vonage Executive Response Team says:

    Dear Mr. Arrington,

    We are sorry for the frustration the phone calls have caused. These are service-related calls and Vonage will be sending you an email shortly to follow up.

    Thank you,
    Regina E from Vonage

  6. Hey Vonage look out.. 😉

  7. analizjee says:

    #VonageSucks Switched to FastPBX and never suffered the same issues that Vonage gave me.

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