Fail Fail Win: Never Give Up

Two 2009 tweets by WhatsApp (acquired for $16+ billion today) cofounder Brian Acton that show that even the most successful entrepreneurs need to face a little failure here and there:




12 thoughts on “Fail Fail Win: Never Give Up

  1. madhubiw says:

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  2. Thats awesome. I’ve developed/bootstrapped 3 startups in the past 4 years and it sometimes feels like I’m failing too, but still can’t stop trying…

  3. Is the “fail” from not getting the job, or trying to get one in the first place? Seems to me like someone needs to redefine what it means to fail. What does it feel like to be completely removed from reality?

  4. peacefool says:

    You’ll reach a goal, when…
    you have one in mind.

    The hard task is to find the goal.


  5. Great reminder to all to never give up

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    Great reminder to everyone to never give up and don’t quit on yourself. You can create something great that could someday change your life.

  7. Anoop Menon says:

    Nice article. Its true that failures are best motivation to reach heights. Its an irony that facebook itself bought them at last that too one of the second biggest acquisition after HP-Compaq deal.

  8. Nice article, I agree. Need a little failure to appreciate a victory. Thanks for sharing!

  9. wattersaaron says:

    Love the article, it’s so true. How can you appreciate victory if you don’t know how crummy failure tastes? 😀

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